Ayres Collection

The Ayres Family farmed firstly south of Cleary and later moved to properties to the north of Cleary. The collection of photographs have been loaned to the Beacon Museum by Carlene Ayres, daughter of Fred and Gloria Ayres.
Ayres collection Harvest at Ayres, no shirts necessary!
Covering up from the sun was not in vogue during this farming era so it was not uncommon for men to work long hours in the sun without shirts or hats. This photo shows the men at Ayres property preparing the wheat for loading to the truck.
Ayres collection:- Bagged wheat being loaded to truck the on Ayres property.
Full bags of wheat being loaded with bag loader on to truck at the Ayres property at Cleary c1960’s
Ayres collection Pulling three ploughs with crawler tractor
Crawler tractor pulls three ploughs c1960’s
Ayres collection Another view of 3 ploughs and crawler tractor at Ayres farming
Another view of the three ploughs being pulled behind the Crawler tractor. This practice would have been considered very innovative at this period in farming c1960’s.