Harry Dunne WX31854

4th Field Survey Co

No. 1 Section 4th Field Survey Team in Western Australia during the Second World War.

Background shows camouflaged building.

Down south

4th Field Team pictured at Dwellingup, Western Australia.

Captain Harry Dunne was a part of this team.


Army Survey Men

Captain Harry Dunne (second from left) with fellow Officers of the 4th Field Survey Team. 


Harry Dunne on Leave

Captain Harry Dunne on leave pictured with his children William and Helen.


Captain Harry Dunne

Official Army photograph of Captain Harry Arthur Dunne, aged 38.


Harry Dunne Calico bag

Small calico bag used in the field to carry required items, issued by the Australian Commonwealth Government to Captain Harry Arthur Dunne WX31854 4th Australian Field Survey Company.


Harry Dunne compass

Prismatic Compass and leather case used by Captain Harry Arthur Dunne WX31854 for survey work with 4th Australian Field Survey Company.


Harry Dunne dog tags

Identification tags more commonly referred to as “dog tags” issued to each member of the Australian Defence Force. The tags showed their names and identity number. The tags pictured belonged to Captain Harry Dunne WX31854 4th Australian Field Survey Company.


Harry Dunne metal spoon can opener tool

Metal utensil used as spoon and can opener. Approximately 7.5cm in length. Indecipherable letters and numbers printed on surface. This item would have been standard field equipment and was commonly referred to as “Fred”.

Harry Dunne shoulder lapels

Shoulder lapels worn by Captain Harry Dunne WX31854.

Harry Dunne badges

2 badges inscribed AUSTRALIAN COMMONWEALTH MILITARY FORCES and a curved badge stating AUSTRALIA all belonged to Captain Harry Dunne WX31854 as part of the Military uniform.

Harry Dunne belt buckle, pin, shoe attachment

A belt buckle, a pin, and a metal shoe attachment; all part of the equipment issued to personnel in the Australian Military forces.

Harry Dunne badge collection

Collection of Badges which were attached with a metal pin on the underside to the uniform. 

Harry Dunne buttons

A collection of buttons to be used on uniforms. Inscription reads AUSTRALIAN MILITARY FORCE and features a crown and Australia.

Harry Dunne belt

Belt with buckle and buttons as worn by Military Personnel. This belt belonged to Captain Harry Dunne WX 31854

Harry Dunne Field book

Australian Military Forces Field Book. Some calculations can be seen. Captain Harry Dunne WX31854 was part of the 4th Field Survey Company. This Field Book would have been an essential part of his equipment.

Harry Dunne Military Notebooks

Two types of Notebooks issued to Australian Military Forces personnel. Both books were revised in 1943 according to the front cover.

The back cover carried the following warning:

“REMEMBER  – Never discuss military, naval or air matters in public or with any stranger, no matter to what nationality he or she may belong. The enemy wants information about you, your unit,  your destination. He will do his utmost to discover it. Keep him in the dark. Gossip on military subjects is highly dangerous to the country, whereas secrecy leads to success. BE ON YOUR GUARD and report any suspicious individual.”

Harry Dunne Mapping From Trimetrogon Photography

Two instruction books on Mapping with Trimetrogon Photography.  There was a wooden frame used in conjunction with these books and photos but it no longer exists in this collection.

Harry Dunne Trimetrogon Photographs

Photographs used in conjunction with the Trimetrogon.

Harry Dunne Postwar Housing booklet

A booklet issued by the Australian Government in 1944. It contains plans of homes and advice and ideas about the necessity to provide suitable homes following the war considering the likely shortage of tradesmen and building materials. Women’s opinions were to be included.