Kirby Collection

This collection of photos shows the farming style from the 1950s onwards on the Kirby properties at Beacon in Western Australia.

Kirby collection: Bags filled from harvester. Les Blight stands near header


Mr Les Blight, brother-in-law to Walter, stands near the harvesting machine which was pulled by the tractor to harvest the wheat. The bags of wheat have been filled from the harvester at the end of each rotation of the paddock. The bags were later sewn along the top with string. They would be loaded onto a truck for delivery to the wheat bin at the railway siding.

Kirby Collection: Full bags of wheat ready to tie and load

A good harvest of wheat sitting waiting for the bag sewing process prior to delivery to the Beacon wheatbin. Sewing the bags was a necessary but very time consuming job.

Kirby collection: Wongaburra 1963 Bencubbin 48 wheat

Late 1960’s

Brian Kirby harvesting north of Beacon using a Nuffield Tractor 10/60 pulling a McCormack International A84 harvester. The harvester had an 18 foot comb. The harvester was purchased from the Nuffield Agency in Koorda run by Don Campbell.

Kirby Collection:1968 clearing the bush on Wongaburra


In the 1960’s there was still a high percentage of virgin bush land remaining in the Beacon district. This photo shows some recent clearing prior to burning and preparation of the ground to sow the crops.