Cook Family

The Cook Family were among the earliest settlers in the Beacon district where they selected blocks south west of the town towards where Gabbining tank was soon to be located.

Cook Street in the town of Beacon is named in their honour.

These photos were donated to the Beacon Museum by Steve Cook, son of Norman.

Note: Carlisle Cook memorabilia is located in the ANZAC collection.

Mr and Mrs Steve Cook senior with their motor vehicle number plate MM28
Mrs and Mrs Steve Cook Senior dressed in their travelling clothes beside their vehicle.
L to R Child (Keith Cook), Aunty Alice, Pansy Shemeld (nee Cook), Grace Hughes (nee Cook), Clara Starsmore, Violet Mead (nee Cook)

Small boy Keith Cook stands with these hardy pioneer women of the Cook family.

Left to Right Aunty Alice, Pansy Shemeld (nee Cook) Grace Hughes (nee Cook) Clara Starsmore and Violet Mead (nee Cook)

L to R Frances Ann Cook with daughters Mary and Pansy. Frank Broomhall, George Shemeld and Steve Cook Snr. (Norm's father)

Family group L to R:

Frances Ann Cook with daughters Mary and Pansy.

The men are Frank Broomhall and George Shemeld who were both neighbours of the Cook Farm at Beacon.

George married Pansy.

The older man is Steve, father of Norm and Carlisle.

Members of the Cook Family on an outing to the picnic rocks
Out on a picnic to the rocks around the district.

The ladies are fashionably dressed 1920’s style with dresses with low waistlines, white stockings and cloche hats.

A handsome man accompanies them.

The lady on the right is carrying a Box Brownie camera, a very popular and simple little camera that captured very good quality images.

Francis and Colin Shemeld plus Norm and Ada Cook's children Keith, Steve, Clive. Two babies unknown

Out on a picnic to the rock with the children.

The two bigger children are Frances and Colin Shemeld while the small ones are the children of Norm and Ada Cook, Keith, Steve, Clive, and two babies unknown.

Norman Cook and Frank Broomhall acting the fool with converted Ford car. Once drove with 2000 gal tank on back. (back of photo)
Norm Cook with Frank Broomhall acting the fool with Dad’s converted Ford car which mother drove when only 13 years old with a 2000 gallon tank on back.
Norman Cook, Tom Hird, Tony Anderson
Three men Norman Cook, Tom Hird and Tony Anderson enjoying a social moment.