Hamilton Collection

Len and Elvie Hamilton came to the Beacon district in March 1927.

Their story appears on page 49 of the history book “Beacon – the beginning”.

This interesting collection of photos portraying life for the Hamilton family have been donated to the Beacon Museum by their granddaughter Carol Whittle (nee Rawson). Her mother was Shirley Hamilton before marriage to Kevin Rawson.

Don Shirley Jean Elaine Len 1927

Len with his family of four children, Don, Shirley, Jean and Elaine in 1927.

Len has been clearing timber with his axe and felled trees can be seen in the background.

Jean, Shirley, Elaine and Don, 1928
A beautiful portrait captured in 1928 of the four Hamilton children Jean, Shirley, Elaine and Don.
Fabulous old photo of two little girls having a tea party

Two little Wheatbelt girls having a tea party.

They have kerosene boxes for chairs and table. A battered dolly basket holds the dolly, the dog joins in, and in the back ground is a stack of wheat bags.

Truck with Hay
Elaine, Jean, Don and Shirley with the pet lamb included stand in front of a huge load of hay on the truck.
Hamiltons with truck

The Hamilton’s truck.

Pictured from left to right: Unknown, Unknown, Elvie, Elaine perched up on the bags, Len, Don, Jean, Shirley and Len’s father John.

Elaine Shirley Don Jean and cart

Elaine, Shirley, Don and Jean stand in front of their cart with their faithful horse patiently waiting.

The chook (chicken) in front makes a typical farm scene.

family group, with Len in coat

Daughters Shirley and Elaine stand either side of their parents Elvie and Len in front of their home.

Len is dressed to go out somewhere with his coat and hat.

Len was very involved in the district including being elected first Progress Association Secretary. This meant he was involved in acquiring the basics for Beacon including establishment of water supply, wheat bin and train lines.

Supported by his wife and family, Len contributed a great deal to Beacon and is honoured with a street name in the town.

The bag house

Len wearing sturdy boots and shading hat perched on the side of a bundle of bags to be used for harvest.

Note the super bag house in the back ground and the essential rain water tank.

little girls on seeder

Two little girls ride the seeder while the men fill the boxes with seed and super.

The tractor is a John Deere with dual steel wheels with lugs.

Hamilton Harvest

Now it is harvest time and the John Deere is back in use to pull the harvester.

Harvesting is a two man operation. The man sitting on the “Sunshine” harvester controls the height of the comb as it cuts through the crop and he also operates the choke cutter.

Gas burner and header
This harvesting machine is being pulled by a tractor powered by a gas producer rather than the usual fuel of kerosene.