Wheat Industry

The wheat industry in Beacon began in the early 1920’s when the first white settlers arrived. The farms were mostly under 2,000 acres virgin bush with a variety of land types with each farm allocated heavy and lighter soils to make up the area.The land had first to be cleared and prepared for the sowing of  the seed.  This generally took a couple of years to complete.  Some farmers used horses to pull their machinery but it wasn’t long before tractors arrived to pull the machines. The following 90 years has seen a gradual progression to the state of the art equipment now in use in broad acre farming at Beacon.
Aerial photo of Beacon wheat bin

Wheatbins and Railways

Aerial photograph of the small wheatbelt settlement of Beacon in Western Australia, circa 1950’s. The largest building, in the centre, is the wheat receival depot. It is situated alongside the railway line to allow grain to be loaded onto trains and transported to the port of Fremantle. The view is taken from the south east looking towards the north west.

Taylor collection: Harvesting at Marindo early 1930's

Taylor Collection

The Taylor Collection is a valuable selection of photographs donated to the Beacon Museum by the daughter of Fred Taylor, Mrs Dorothy Hancock.

Faulkner collection: tractor pulling steel wheel combine. Fuel in 44 gallon drum and bagged seed on truck tray

Faulkner Collection

Faulkner Collection shows some of the earliest farming methods and machinery through to the move towards modern farming in the Beacon district

Hymus collection: Bert Hymus on tractor

Hymus Collection

Hymus Collection has been loaned to the Beacon Museum by Syd Hymus. The McCormick tractor pictured here was restored by the Beacon Men’s Shed in 2015.

Broomhall powers harvester with belt attached to rear wheel of truck

Broomhall Collection

Frank Broomhall began his farming life at Beacon in 1923 on Loc 1913, south east corner of Job Rd and Back Beacon Rd. He later purchased other blocks adjoining.
Dunne collection Bulk bin view from high water tank Beacon

Dunne Collection

Harry Dunne was a surveyor by profession.  To begin his life in Beacon he farmed in partnership with his parents Tom and Amy Dunne. They purchased Ninghan location 539 at Beacon in  April 1923.
Hymus collection Horses lined up ready for work

Ross Collection

Danny Ross came to the Beacon district to farm during the 1930’s. He lived under harsh conditions while he developed his land.
Kirby Collection: bags of wheat

Kirby Collection

Walter and Vera Kirby made the courageous decision in 1949 to leave behind their home and country and migrate from England to the wheat belt of Western Australia. The photos in this collection show some of their experiences and those of the next generations in their family.
Ayres collection Bagged wheat being loaded to truck on Ayres property

Ayres Collection

Frank Ayres arrived in Western Australia on an ex serviceman’s ship following WWI. He and his brothers and sons acquired land at Cleary where they farmed for half a century. This collection of photos have been offered by Frank’s granddaughter, Carlene Ayres, for inclusion in Beacon’s history.
Tilka collection. Harvester unloads into truck

Tilka Collection

Trevor Tilka was a young man with drive and optimism and a set of useful skills. Farming at Beacon in Western Australia was just one of the many occupations he undertook in his lifetime. Here are some photographs taken during this period of his life.